Monday, July 20, 2009

Peaceful Sky

I spent most of yesterday making jewelry, and I guess I'll spend most of today listing and sharing. :-) This is one of my favorites. I love everything about it!



I used smooth, natural aquamarine oval beads (harvested from another project that I wasn't happy with) and funky little keishi pearls. I knotted them together with light blue silk thread, which really brings out the blue of the stones. I used a copper toggle to finish the bracelet.


It's hard to decide which element of this bracelet is my favorite. The colors? Light blue is my favorite colors...the stones? Pearls and aquamarine are 2 of the stones I love the most...I would probably have to say that the technique is the part I love the most. There is something very soothing and therapeutic about knotting. I enjoy the challenge of getting the knot in exactly the right spot...although I'm not so crazy about the challenge of getting it OUT when I make a mistake...:-)

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