Friday, August 7, 2009

Another sale!

Hi everyone!


This time I actually made it into the Weekend Deals Guide on Etsy! Hooray!! So here is my weekend deal: 20% off your total, including shipping. I'll refund you through Paypal after your payment has been received. This is a great time to get started on holiday shopping. I have lots of new items and more will be listed this weekend. Come and check it out!



  1. Nice post... I'm very amazed with the content of your blog. Looks like you are really putting hard work on it. I'd surely visit here often. You can come by my site if you want, it's mainly about Engagement Rings. Thanks!

  2. Amanda,

    You need to email me so we can discuss your use of my blog's name (i obsess) for your jewelry on facebook. I've owned the rights to that name for nearly four years (easily discoverable information if you simply google "i obsess). I can't find your email address anywhere on your fb/etsy/blog/profile pages or I would've contacted you privately.