Sunday, January 31, 2010

Good Morning!!!

After a long "hiatus", I'm back to blogging again! Things just got so hectic with school starting up again, I didn't have time for it all. Now with all this snow we're getting, looks like I'll have at least one or two days with some free time in them. It hasn't snowed like this since I was kid! The week before Christmas, we had 15 inches of snow, and then yesterday's storm brought us another 13 inches. Usually, we get about 8 inches of snow ALL winter, so this is unusual for sure. My poor kids don't know what to think about all of it. I hope to post some pictures soon.

I have tried something new with my jewelry in the past months: stamping! I really wanted a way to be able to personalize my pieces a little more, and this seemed like the next logical step for me to take. I am really enjoying it! This was my first piece:

I used sheet copper, copper washers from the hardware store, and copper wire. The stamping was fun, but so was oxidizing it. (That's my other new thing - I bought some liver of sulfur gel and have bee going crazy with it!) This piece really came to life once it was finished. From that, I got a custom order for this:And THAT's why I make jewelry and sell it online. I LOVE being able to make one-of-a-kind
pieces that are special and meaningful!!!

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  1. bwahahaha! The top one now belongs to MEEEEEEEEEEE! :oP I LOVE it!