Sunday, June 14, 2009


OK, school's out and I finally have time to blog again and really work on my shop. Maybe the Sales Fairy will pay a call....:-)

It's been Crazy Wildlife Week around our house. To begin with, I was awakened last Wednesday night at 2:43 AM to a shrill, tiny scream coming from my bathroom. My cat had brought a bunny in the house. I finally wrestled it away from him and put it outside, where (I thought) it hopped back to its den. Unfortunately, about 10 minutes later I heard that same scream again coming from the front porch...and a minute later, the thump of my cat coming in the doggie door...with the bunny in his mouth again. I got it away from him again, and put it outside, this time further out in the yard. Both times the bunny was relatively unscathed. The next night, it happened again, but it I think it was a different bunny because it was much more lively. I had to use an empty PopTart box to capture it so I could put it outside. What makes it so unusual for us is that my cat is 13 and he has NEVER brought any living creature in the house before. Trying to show off for the new cats? Trying to adopt a new son? :-)

Then, the next day, Aidan found a toad. As you can see in the pics, he and Hopey were thrilled with it:
I'm not so sure how thrilled the toad was with them....

And then to cap off our wildlife adventures...I went into the garage one evening to hammer some copper for links, and there was one of those large black beetles crawling on the ground. Aidan wanted to touch it, and I had no sooner said that he could, when a black widow popped out of a crack in the trim and started having the beetle for her dinner! Creepy, yes, but it was kind of cool to see up close. Well, not that close. It was like seeing an Animal Planet doc in person!


  1. Your have had alot of animal encounters lately!

  2. I remember catching toads in my backyard on summer nights! Awesome. :)

  3. Up until the Spider and Beetle I was fine...bunnies cute..toads why not.. I remember catching frogs and tadpoles when I was a kid..great fun..But when it comes to things that creep, crawl or fly I'm out of there...

  4. Maybe the cat is "cleaning" the rodent problem out of your yard. Cats are Awesome! Even when they bring you small morsels of "food" or toys. As for the kids, looks like theyare having a blast with the toad! Brings me back to my youth. Great times!