Thursday, May 21, 2009


Sometimes when I'm making jewelry, I know exactly how I want it to look. I sit down with all the supplies ready to go and it turns out just like it looked in my head.

Sometimes the beads and components take on a life of their own and turn into something entirely different than I had imagined. That's what happened to me today. I had some labradorites left over from a custom project, and some coin pearls that I had several of. I decided that since they were the same shape and size, I would try them together. I decided to wire-wrap them together, "rosary style", because that's my favorite technique (currently). When I was done, I liked it, but it seemed a little...blah. Like it was missing something. I got a garnet briolette and decided to add that as a dangle, but still wanted more. Looking through my materials, I found a marcasite-type cross that was rescued from an old necklace of mine that had fallen apart. As soon as I laid it beside the bracelet, I knew how it belonged. As I said in the listing description, the labradorites are the gray of sin; the pearls are the creamy white of an infant's soul; the croos represents our Higher Power, and the garnet represents everlasting love. Here is the finished piece:

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