Saturday, May 23, 2009

Christmas in May!!!!

Actually, my birthday (on Saturday). My fabulous husband came up with a great idea: he decided that we could take the kids to Grandma's for a while, and he and I could go to a new bead shop that I have recently discovered. Woohoo! What could be better? So, coffee in hand, we dropped off the kids and were on our way. I did ask Brett if we could stop at Books A Million on the way so I could look at a beading magazine on the way for inspiration. I was almost done with the magazine and was reading the "local events" section when what did I discover, but that there was a mineral and bead show 2 towns away THIS WEEKEND!! And we happened to be driving right through that town as I read it! So we quickly changed plans and exited off the interstate to attend my first-ever bead and jewelry show.

I really didn't know what to expect, but it was definitely a great way to spend a morning. There were several vendors who were selling minerals and rocks that were not drilled, and TONS of people selling finished jewelry (although most of it paled in comparison to anything you could find on Etsy :-), but of course I zeroed in on the vendors who were selling strands. I got some really great deals!! Take a look at what I got:

Maple turquoise, lime green turquoise, smoky quartz, pearls...

FABULOUS labradorite, pink coral, silver spacers...

So many beads!! My brain is spinning!

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