Tuesday, May 4, 2010

If You Are Looking For a Great Read...

I haven't been by the library lately because, like most things in my life, some of my books were overdue and now I owe a fine. I can afford to pay it, but I'm a little bit embarassed about it, so I just haven't been going in. (I try to think of it as my own personal donation to the library system, but that's another story...) So anyway, the last time I went by Goodwill, I picked up a couple of books that looked like they might be ok, and BOY! am I glad I did. One of them is called "Those Who Save Us" (I KNOW book titles should be underlined, but I don't have the option here), by Jenna Blum. This is the story of how a young single German mother survived during WW II. The point of view alternates between Anna (the German) and Trudy, her grown daughter, who is trying to piece the her mother's story together. If you like realistic fiction, I highly recommend this book. It is wonderful!!

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